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Museum Werdenfels

In 1895 the Werdenfels Museum of the administrative district Garmisch-Partenkirchen was evolved from a private collection. Since 1973 the Museum is located in a former 17th century grocer house - a historical building in original condition. This house was the only building in the Partenkirchner Ludwig Street, which remainded exempted from the fire in 1865.

The Werdenfels Museum is one of the most beautiful museum in Bavaria. It reflects the history and the culture of the Werdenfels county. Until the secularization in 1802 this geographical market was an independent earldom of the Freising pincedom for 700 years. This dirstrict bears historcal traces of over 2000 years and was from time immemorial an important connection between Bavaria, Tyrol and Italy.

Evidences of this period are shown in the Werdenfels Museum. The verify's a rich culture on various level's: from artistic highly advanced sacral abjects to simple objects of rural folk culture. The museum collection gives impression about life and work bygone, also about customs as well as artistic sense of the population.