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Bavaria Film Studio

Hasn`t everyone always wanted to take a look behind the scenes of one of Europe`s largest and most successful film studios and get a whiff of that cinematic air? The Bavaria Filmstadt (Film City) to the south of Munich makes it possible.

During a 90 minute tour of the 320,000 square meter Bavaria Filmstadt, our friendly staff not only let our guests in on the fascinating details of sensational filming but also present the locations of well known TV hits and provide escort through extravagant street sets. Thanks to a large screen projection live-view of the Marienhof studio guests receive a first-hand live look at the popular soap “Marienhof”.

Of course, guests will also encounter movie classics like the original model submarine from Wolfgang Petersen’s film “Das Boot”, the popular mythical creature from “The Never Ending Story” and the gallic village from the filming of “Asterix and Obelix vs. Cesar”.

It is even possible to star in a little film and be coached by a director. Visitors have the possibility of showing off their talent in front of the camera in four different original sets from Bully Herbig`s successful production "(T)Raumschiff Surprise-Periode 1". A variety of decors, special angels and clever editing turn the scenes shot into compact, self-contained sci-fi space films where you can gaze at your own self in the company of Bully and his friends. It`s a lot of fun for both actors and viewers alike, and you will be amazed at what happens when special effects come into play.


When, in the film world, it comes to explosions, crashes, people flying through glass doors or falling from roofs – stuntmen and women are surely at work. In the Bavaria Stunt Show the guest experiences first hand what a working day looks like for famous star doubles, and receive a step-by-step account of just how dangerous it is to stage stunts. The new Bavaria Stunt Show takes place on the set of a desolate New York neighborhood and offers the ideal platform for daring chase scenes and amazing tricks.


Hang on for a wild ride: The films in the Movie Experience of the Filmstadt featuring innovative technology made in the USA are now in 4-D. While the images are running, moving seats, wind and 3-D glasses create a total emersion experience, giving the impression you are right inside the movie itself.