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The wellness area in Reindl's Partenkirchner Hof is small but nice. In the 26 ° C - 28 ° C warm swimming pool (6 x 10 m) you can really drift or swim energetic laps - just as you want. The hot whirlpool in the winter garden not only offers a relaxing water massage, but also a wonderful view of the Alpspitze. You can sweat and let off steam in our Bavarian sweat room, bio sauna, steam bath or infrared cabin. You can cool down afterwards at the ice fountain, which always has a bowl of crashed ice in stock for you, or in one of our adventure showers such as the snail shower or the rock shower. Guests who want to keep fit train in our fitness room on Dr. Wolf, the cross trainer or the Kettler bike trainer. If you want to be pampered with us, we recommend the massages, herbal packs and other treatments. We will be happy to provide you with details about the various treatments personally during your visit.

Here you will find a selection of massages on offer. Make your appointment directly at reception or when you make your booking using our booking engine.



Skiing, mountain hiking or bike tours - your legs get tired very quickly and, in the worst case, sore muscles remain. Would you like to avoid this and be fit again the next day? A special stretch massage with circulatory herbal oils that promote rapid regeneration helps you to regenerate quickly as a preventive measure and to be ready for your next mountain event again.

60 Minutes Euro 89,00



A special feeling and very moisturizing for your skin. A soothing facial massage with the aloe vera leaf and a body massage with an aloe vera oil. Ideal for regenerating your skin after sunbathing and especially when skin is damaged by UV rays.

75 Minutes Euro 99,00



Let yourself be pampered and relax with a very pleasant massage for your senses and for more vitality. The herbal mixture promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and relieves tension.

50 Minutes Euro 79,00



The nerve endings of all organs, your muscles and the skin are located on the sole of the foot. A pressure massage on the nerve endings can vitalize them and relieve tension or improve blood circulation in organs. An alkaline herbal foot bath is included in the massage.

50 Minutes Euro 79,00



A highlight of the massages! No hocus-pocus. You will feel the sound waves in your body and notice how you can relax. This allows your blockages in your chakras to be released and more energy to flow through your body. An experience for the senses, for your relaxation and to get more vitality.

60 Minutes Euro 99,00


Wellness and cosmetic treatments tailored to our surroundings and in connection with the outdoor activities possible in the wonderful nature.



A treatment suitable for you with active ingredients from dermologica.


  • Cleaning skin
  • Analysis Gentle Peeling
  • Manual Deep Cleaning
  • Energetic Faical Massage
  • Serum According To Selected Skin Type Day & Night Collagen Mask
  • Final Maintenance

60 Minutes Euro 79,00



Enjoy the fragrances of essential oils from the apline region. Our natural herbal oils provide relaxation, better sleep & more vitality.


  • Detox Alpine Herb Footbath
  • Pine Curls Or Hay Flowers Steam Pack
  • Body Massage With Pine Oil & Goat Butter Cream Alpine Herbs Stamp Massage For The Back

100 Minutes Euro 114,00



A 100% organic natural treatment for more freshness and youth.


  • Cleaning
  • Skin Analysis
  • Bio Peeling
  • Manual Deep Cleaning
  • Organic Facial Massage With A Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf Bio Detox Facial Massage With Black Sesame & Anti Aging Ingredients.
  • Hand & Arm Massage Final Care For Face & Eyes

80 Minutes Euro 124,00



Legs & Back massage with circulation promoting massage graves and natural oils such as mountain pine & Fir From The Domestic Forests. Horse chestnut & clay against swelling & pain. So that you are fit again quickly.


  • Rosemary Foothbath
  • Peeling & Leg Wrap With Clay And Horse Chestnut
  • Pine Curls Or Hay Flowers Steam Pack
  • Mountaineer "Haxn" (Leg) Massage
  • Shoulder Neck Massage
  • Hot Stamp Alpine Herb Back Massage
  • Foot Reflexon Massage
  • Final Vital Balm Goat Butter Hot & Cold

140 Minutes Euro 179,00